SMARTS  (Scalable Microscopic Adaptive Road Traffic Simulator) is a flexible  microscopic traffic simulator developed at the School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne.  The project is funded by the Australian Research Council (DP180103332 and DP130103705). The simulator allows easy setup of simulations based on OpenStreetMap data. The simulator can run as a standalone program. It can also run as a distributed system for fast large-scale (in excess of 500, 000 vehicles using 40 computing nodes) simulations. The microscopic simulator model vehicles and traffic lights individually. Various road rules and driver behavior are implemented into SMARTS. The simulator can output various types of traffic data. It provides a graphical user interface for controlling and visualizing simulations. It also supports scripted simulations.

If you would like to publish work based on SMARTS, please cite the simulator as following: Ramamohanarao Kotagiri, Hairuo Xie, Lars Kulik, Shanika Karunasekera, Egemen Tanin, Rui Zhang, and Eman Bin Khunayn. “SMARTS: Scalable Microscopic Adaptive Road Traffic Simulator.” ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST) 8, no. 2 (2017): 26. [pdf]

You can get the binary version from the downloads. If you were new to the simulator, you may want to run a quick simulation with the default settings to get familiar with the simulator. You may want to try various features of the simulator based on some simple examples. You can also have a look at the technical documentations. You can also read our publications related to the simulator.

We welcome the opportunities to explore the possibilities of collaborating with you. If you are interested in the source code of the simulator, please contact us.

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